Sustainability Statement

Hall Farm is committed to being mindful of our carbon footprint by working in a sustainable way. We continue to develop and improve on our sustainability and commitment to caring for the environment. We are also committed to meeting legislative requirements.

Purchasing and Suppliers

  • Visitor attraction leaflets are available for our guests from us
  • Newspapers are collected from the newsagent in the next village
  • Floral displays for guests are supplied by us using locally sourced or homegrown flowers
  • We support and encourage guests to visit nearby suppliers who we use to support the local area and keep travel to a minimum
  • We offer push bike hire for an alternative to exploring by car
  • We collect all hamper produce from local suppliers
  • Garden plants are sourced locally or grown from cuttings
  • Marmalade and jam is made in house


  • Over 95% low energy bulbs used
  • Bathroom operates with separate fan to ceiling lights
  • Low energy lighting is used for the night time pathway lighting and is timed for efficient use
  • Central heating – underfloor heating is thermostatically controlled
  • Aircon is thermostatically controlled
  • The Greenstar combi boiler is energy efficient and serviced annually giving hot water on demand only
  • The property is fully double glazed and insulated to build regulations (2021)
  • We suggest guests use the log burner only if required and instead of heating
  • Minimise usage of private vehicles
  • Appliances are chosen with the highest efficiency rating

Recycling & Waste

  • Guests are given towels for the duration of their short stay – not changed daily
  • Toilet has twin flushes – short and long flushing
  • Towels/cotton/personal washing are line dried where practicable
  • Bed linen is laundered in house to monitor efficient energy and detergent usage
  • Tissues are recycled paper purchased in bulk and presented in a ceramic reusable pot
  • Guest waste is sorted and recycled accordingly with recycling procedure shown in accommodation and on check out message.  Bins are labelled
  • Some furniture and cladding in accommodation is up-cycled
  • We recycle worn sheets within the house
  • Logs are sourced locally
  • All paper is reused where possible
  • We are currently running down our Rituals mini toiletries which will soon be replaced by Bramley large bottle refillable toiletries in recyclable bulk packaging
  • Balloons provided in celebration packages can be left for us to deflate and reuse
  • Glass jars are kept for marmalade making
  • Garden landscaping reuses as much upcycled wood and gravel from site as possible


  • We support local charities with auction items and prize donations for raffles
  • We hold local charity events in our open spaces and lawn with use of our marquees.


  • We use online booking systems which removes the need for any paper and postal services
  • All information pertaining to Hall Farm is fully available on our website, we therefore have no printed literature/brochures
  • All guest communication is via app message, text or email
  • Our website has full guides on eating out, days out, activities and more directly within the local area
  • Public transport details are given on our website and are available the guest folder
  • We promote local taxi services
  • Our website and booking apps show local train stations for guests not arriving by car
  • We offer a free collection service for guests wanting to arrive by public transport to a nearby station
  • We also have an ongoing commitment to finding new and more ways to further improve our sustainability as a family and also as a business